Everyday seems to be National Something Day, so the fact that such a thing as Bitcoin Pizza Day exists isn’t such a surprise. Bitcoin Pizza day is today, May 22, and marks the anniversary of the first Bitcoin transaction. At the time, two Papa John’s pizzas went for 10,000 BTC.

The folks at  CryptocurrencyNews.com pickup the story from there:

Since that fateful day, Bitcoin’s price has skyrocketed and many other cryptocurrencies have sprung forth from Bitcoin’s success.

Back in the day, 10,000 BTC may have only gotten you two pizzas. But what can that much Bitcoin get you now?

Right now, one BTC is selling for $8,260.43 according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Although Bitcoin is currently down for the day by 1.94%, at $8,260.43 for one BTC, that still puts the price of 10,000 BTC at a whopping $82,604,300.

$82 million is a lot of money. How much exactly? Let’s put that a little more into perspective by seeing what you can buy for $82 million.

Bitcoin Pizza Day: You Can Buy…

We’ll start things off where they began – with pizza. One large pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s costs $19.74 today. For $82,604,300, you’d be able to buy 4,184,614 large pepperoni pizzas from Papa John’s today. That’s a lot of pizza! Hope you like pepperoni.

With $82,604,300*, you can also buy:

78,223 plane tickets from Vancouver, Canada to Tokyo, Japan.

706,019 one-day passes to Disneyland in California.

121,234 ETH at the current price ($681.36).